Life Lesson and Thoughts: Getting rid of things.

For me this is always a good rule of thumb for starting out the new year fresh.

Clean out your closets. Clean out any space that is ‘organized’ with things you haven’t seen since Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

I make piles of things that I need and will use once it’s in a better place where I can find it and actually see it. Another pile for things I can throw away – like that t-shirt from high school I just couldn’t get rid of with all its a million and one holes. And finally a pile that I’ll either sell on Craigslist or donate. I say to myself ‘have I worn/used this in 1 year?’ if the answer is no (which it usually is), then I get rid of it.

I’ve had great luck with Craigslist on some larger items. I sold an old pair of downhill skis and boots this year – love that extra cash in my pocket.

*Since this is a little bit of a tip, hint or just some friendly advice I had to label it both a life lesson and thought…just sayin’.

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One Comment to “Life Lesson and Thoughts: Getting rid of things.”

  1. Thanks for the push! After reading your blog, I began with my office and cleared out all the books that were published before 2000 and that hadn’t been opened in 5 years! Any idea how I can get someone else to do the same?

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