Thoughts: A Must Read. The Dirty Life…on farming, food and love.

This book is a breath of fresh farm air. Kristin Kimball’s life transformation from a New York City resident wearing high heels to a dirt loving cow milker is mouth opening good. I mean that in the best of ways- like oh my gosh my mouth is open because of what she is doing – in a good admiring way. Her adventure in farming and her complete change of way of life, leaves you with feeling that you can accomplish anything. Following something that is soĀ unfamiliarĀ to her yet following it for the love of a man and theĀ admirationĀ that he has for land and animals, is at the very least eye opening. Their goal is to provide farm fresh produce, meats and dairy products for families year round in upstate New York. It’s amazing to experience by reading their challenges,Ā triumphsĀ and life lessons in the dirt of a once used farm.

I was routing for her from the very first chapter.

Oh to be a cow at Essex Farm.


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