Thoughts: Culinary School Week 1.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love roasted chicken. But I will not be cooking it for a while.

It has been the week for roasted chicken, potatoes and the vegetable of the day at Culinary School. I can say that I’ve master the art of butchering a raw chicken including ‘frenching’ the wings. We pan-fried bone in breasts and braised turnips and ate lots of mashed potatoes and Gratin Dauphinoise.

This week was spent covering the basics – Knife skills. Basic Potato preparation. Mirepoix. Safety andĀ Sanitation. Basic Tongue tastes. The Kitchen Brigade. Methods of Cooking. Chicken, chicken and more chicken. And cutting a few carrots and onions along the way.

The other students are as eager to learn as I am. I can’t remember when I was at school when students were so driven to learn and excited to listen to their professor (Chef). There are 3 kitchens – where we are able to talk briefly with the other students who are further along in the course than we are. To listen to theirĀ enthusiasmĀ and describe all the cool things we will be making in the weeks to come, enlightens and motivates me.

*Photo taken from iPhone. Chef Bob is near the back left.Ā 

Phew, 1 week done…a few more to go.


4 Comments to “Thoughts: Culinary School Week 1.”

  1. I am so excited for you!!!! Just reading this post makes so much sense and it is so fitting for you and your amazing talents. It is no surprise you have grabbed that destiny by the neck (tried to think of a chicken reference here, but not sure it would have worked!). I’m envisioning the fabulousness that is to come from Chef Katherine and it is quite spectacular. Cheers to you!

    • You are too sweet! Love the chicken reference – gosh, I seriously will be in chicken detox for a while! Thanks for all the support and encouragement!

  2. Way to go Kat- a big Congrats on getting through your first week!!

  3. Doing what you love – happy days ahead!

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