Thoughts: Culinary School Week 2.

What a difference a week makes!

The nerves are gone and the newness is on its way out. We know each other’s names and are quickly becoming friends and partners in the kitchen.

This week we have been studying sauces and soups. Sauces being something that I am very interested in РI feel like I always make my mushroom sauce; time to branch out and learn some new ones. It was great to learn and make some basic sauces for which we can expand and experience on in the future. It is all in the basics after all. We have learned the important steps to creating a quality stock. We made Veloute and Veal Demi Gaze. We made French Onion Soup, a bechamel sauce, hollandaise and mayonnaise. We poached chicken in a court bouillon layered with mushrooms and wine. We learned how not to make a very fishy Caesar salad dressing Рum, 14 anchovies = salty and fishy salad!

The biggest thing that I have learned in these 2 weeks is working with so many different people with all sorts of culinary backgrounds. It has been fun to learn new things from others. It has been comical and a bit stressful. It has been a test of my patience.

Personalities blending in a hot kitchen doesn’t always make a tasty stock! Like the pun?!?!

Yesterday, we saw a class that are close to their graduation, preparing a meal for other Chef Instructors and Admission Staff. They created a custom menu and presented it in a trial run for their final graduation ‘Harvest Meal’. The food looked delicious – the freshly baked bread had me drooling. Gives me¬†excitement¬†and encouragement in the weeks and months to come!

Chef Bob giving us a demo on Hollandaise Рcheck out the mirror shot. Taken from my iPhone. 


2 Comments to “Thoughts: Culinary School Week 2.”

  1. I have always wanted to go to culinary school and your post makes me want to go even more! Looking forward to hearing more about it as you progress.

    • Thanks Katherine! It has been a journey already – looking forward to the coming weeks and learning new things! Thanks for continuing to stop by Sensible Lessons.

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