Thoughts: Culinary School Week 3 & 4.

Pork Loin with Sade and Apples, Spaetzle, Sauted Spinach with Sundried Tomatoes and Almonds – photo taken on iPhone. 

I can’t believe that I’ve been in school one month.

I am amazed with how much material we have covered so far – now I understand the term ‘accelerated’ !!!

Chef Bob with a Pork Loin, demoing how to fabricate the meat into a loin and ribs – photo taken on iPhone. 

Last week we learned all about beef and pork. Being a meat eater myself, this subject was very interesting and there is always more to learn. We studied the composition of meats, the importance of fat, how different cuts are best prepared and the aging and grading of meats.

Did you know that when you dry age larger cuts of meat, it losses up to 20% of its weight due to moisture loss? And that dry aging meats is much more expensive than wet aging. Interesting stuff, I tell you.

This week is Pastry week (week 4).

Lemon Curd and Pastry Creme tarts made by my class. The two at the top of the picture in the middle, vertically are mine – photo taken on iPhone. 

We have 3 individual weeks of Pastry lessons throughout the 6 months and this was our first week. I’ve got to tell you that I wasn’t all that excited about this week. Measuring, weighing and baking isn’t exactly my fortay! Or so I thought. But I might be a changed gal now. I actually was able to measure ingredients, keep yeast alive, knead correctly and make flaky crust!

We covered everything about different kinds of flours and sugars, how gluten works, how eggs and yeast work within pastry cooking and the 10 step process to making bread (which I have to memorize stat!). Making Quiche, custards, cinnamon rolls, brioche, baguette and pie doughs all week has got me thinking…how the heck do people work in Pastry Shops without gaining 50 pounds? Yikes, in these next 5 months, I might become a bit more round! Cheers to taste testing!

Here is my Lemon Curd Tart garnished with kiwi and strawberry– photo taken on iPhone. 

We have a fruit tart practical quiz today. Keep me in your tart thoughts!


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  1. Stay excellent!

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