Thoughts: Culinary School Week 5.

Lobster stock in the works.

Poached Shrimp with spicy remoulade sauce.

Week 5 was Seafood Week. and I mean seafood week. Wow, I ate a lot of seafood.

Here I am serving up my Lobster Bisque.

The final product plated and ready for service.                                                                                                   

Mr. A doesn’t eat anything that swims, so the only time I eat swimming protein is when we go out to eat. But I don’t have the need to order seafood for a while off of a menu. I might be back on the roasted chicken train.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had the pleasure of having 2 different Chef Instructors РChef Bob was playing hokey. It was great to experience 2 different teaching styles as well as different ways of preparation, production and service. I felt like a sponge, soaking up all they had to say and of course asking them non stop questions.

Crab Cakes with remoulade, roasted red pepper aloi and a fennel red onion slaw.

We started learning the basics or the beginning steps about seafood. The fishing and delivery process. Inspection, storing and preparation stages. Then we discussed all the different kinds of fish and methods of¬†preparing¬†each of them. We butchered¬†striped bass (including cutting their heads off…eekk), poached sole, made Lobster stock and Fish a la nage and ended with an oyster tasting (add all the pictured items to that list too!).

Bouillabaisse or “Fisherman’s Stew”

Are you in seafood overdrive yet?

With each menu preparation we are making breads and desserts. On Thursday, I¬†assembled¬†this pear tart below. We poached the pears on Wednesday in red wine, a cinnamon stick, cloves, sugar…and maybe a few other things that are slipping my mind. The result was to die for. The pears were so soft and¬†saturated¬†with the deep red color from the wine and infused with all the lovely flavors from the poaching liquid. It was very light and thin…maybe next time some vanilla bean ice cream on top could make it even better.

Red Wine Poached Pear Tart. 

See you next week. Week 6 is Game Birds and Organ Meat….

*I apologize for the blurry pictures in this post – Iphone’s don’t take the best of pictures. Hope you get the idea. I made them smaller this week in hopes of gaining clarity – not sure if it worked.


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