Thoughts: Culinary School Week 7 & 8.

Breakfast Cookery. Canapes and Hors d’oeuvres. Charcuterie.

They all go so well together, right?!!?!

Here is my orange nut bread – it is called a quick bread: since you don’t have to add yeast and time for it to rest, etc… We added an orange glaze too!

Well in an accelerated 6 months Culinary Arts program each day and consecutive week can’t all flow nicely together in your palette.

So week 7 was Breakfast Cookery with some Canape and Hord’ oeuvres.

We learned everything there is to know about eggs. Test me and ask me a question, I dare you. We also learned so much about different kinds of canapes and hors d’oeuvres.

Super blurry fruit display picture – that hurts my eyes when I look at it and probably does to yours too. Enjoy!

We have a ‘SOC’ (System of Creation) day, once a week. We are giving a couple of bins of food with all sorts of things in them. And we get to create a menu from whatever ingredients we are given. Our team gets together and we let our imagination’s go and create whatever we want within the parameter’s of that week’s topic. So we went wild with canapes. It was so much fun – by far the most fun day at school so far.

 Here is my plate with many of the Canapes that our class made.

Week 8: This week we have learned about Characuterie. Meat grinding. Sausage making. Pates and terrines.

All were very labor intensive and so interesting to see through the entire process of production. Not sure I will be making a terrine or pate anytime soon. Don’t worry I won’t be putting a chicken mousse recipe on here.

Here we are making our pork sausage.

And the buffet table at yesterday’s lunch.



One Comment to “Thoughts: Culinary School Week 7 & 8.”

  1. it’s really great to be able to see your experiences. i wanted desperately to go to culinary school, and your blog helps me live vicariously through you. haha!

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