Food/Thoughts: Bring on the Mystery Box.

Today is the day. The day of my Final Practical Exam with a mystery box.

Think Iron Chef, Chopped, MasterChef and Top Chef. Bring it on!!

Hopefully this dude doesn’t show up, cause I might have heart failure. Sunglass indoors scare me.

I will have 30 minutes to plan a menu from the 4 ingredients in my box. I will have to prepare an appetizer featuring seafood, an entrée with a protein (duck, pork, beef or fish) and a starch (risotto method, pasta, potatoes, etc..) and a veggie and finally a dessert with a few components.


Hopefully this nice guy doesn’t show up to heckle me.

The 4 ingredients in the mystery box have to be featured but I will have access to pantry items chosen by my Chef Instructor, to incorporate into the meal. After my 30 minutes of planning and production time, I will have 3 hours to prepare the entrée meal. I will be presenting at 12:00 MST to a set table (that I somehow have to set during the 3 hours of production)…so keep me in your food thoughts!

If I survive, I’ll be in touch. And I will be eating some of this and this right afterwards. If I survive!


One Comment to “Food/Thoughts: Bring on the Mystery Box.”

  1. I love these kinds of challenges (without the time limits, of course)! Good luck!

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