Thoughts: Culinary School…the last few weeks in pictures.

Two posts in one day..I know crazy things are happening over here. This mornings post was pretty boring so I figured I could at least follow it with one full of pictures from the past…okay, I’m rambling. I’m nervous for my tests…and I’m done with one of them by now. Phew!

Yes, I haven’t been that regular with my Culinary School posts. But for your visual pleasure I have plenty of pictures to compensate for my lack of updates…

Brought to you by my trusty iphone..where would I be without you? probably paying more attention. No need to comment, parents.

Week 14 was our final Pastry week. Full of cakes, candles, chocolates, and contemporary desserts and plating.

Devil’s Food Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. My first official all from scratch cake.

Raspberry truffles rolled in raspberry powder. Heaven.

Strawberry chips. Seriously addicting. Seriously.

Lemongrass Creme Brulee with Wasabi Ice Cream and Roasted Strawberry Compote and chips…..a mouthful to both say and eat but with unbelievable textures and flavors. Wasabi Ice Cream needs to be repeatedly made over and over again.

Amaretto Semifreddo with Salted Caramel and Peach Beignets! No need to comment. DELICIOUS!!!

Weeks 15 and 16:  World Cuisine, wine, preserving, cheese and artisan bread making…Basically 2 weeks of 1k more calories each day than I should be consuming before 12noon.

Baklava with figs.

Roasted Halibut with artichoke, white bean, olives and roasted tomatoes in a herb broth.

Pistachio and orange white chocolate mousse on a raspberry and lemon coulis drizzled with dark chocolate. Yes, please!

Okay, there you have it. Off to breath. One test down and another one super early tomorrow, you will still be sleeping while I’m thinking about meat cuts and the dimensions of a batonnet.


One Comment to “Thoughts: Culinary School…the last few weeks in pictures.”

  1. The joy in your writing and mouth watering pictures tell your story! A star is born!

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