Food/Thoughts: Yesterday at school.

Heirloom Tomato with Confit Garlic, Goat Cheese Mousse, Pine Nut Coulis, Basil Oil and Salt Crystals.

Finals are completed. But we still have a couple more weeks in the kitchen before we leave on our Farm Externship…I’ll tell you more about that soon. So for the next week we are immersing ourselves in more Farm to Table cuisine and using our Chef Instructors created menus that are inspired from his working days at his restaurant. He briefly goes over the menu, some cooking techniques but let’s us create the meal from seeing it listed on a menu. Cool stuff.

Here is what we made yesterday at school. Started with the above tomato salad…unbelievable, so seasonal and fresh with punches of flavors!!

Sweet Corn Soup with Saffron and Sea Scallops

You would think there would be cream in here but nope – just blended corn and stock. So simple with only a few ingredients.

Elk Shortloin with Roasted Squash Ravioli, Dried Cranberries, wine reduction and fried sage.

 If you have never had Elk – go eat some. If you think it would be ‘gamey’, well it isn’t. It is very lean with a rich meaty flavor – so good with the sauce and cranberries!

Palisade Peach and Blackberry Filo Tart with Hazelnut Gelato and toasted Hazelnut dust

 You have to check this out from the side…

The Filo sheets are resting on top of 3 blackberries swimming in blackberry coulis. Over the top!

**We were instructed to not copy these recipes or Chef would personally fire us, even if he wasn’t our boss. Use them as a tool and a guide but never copy…hhmmm.


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