Thoughts: Top 10 Recipe Posts of 2011.

Wow, did this year fly by.

I remember starting my blog at the beginning of the year with only a few family members following along and now I have a consistent following, that I’m so proud to call my ‘blog friends’. So thanks for stopping by. Thank you for visiting this posts over and over again.

Here is a recap of the most popular posts in 2011, here on Sensible Lessons.

Coming in at #1 Turkey Meatloaf Muffins. When I was making these I never thought so many of my blog viewers would enjoy them so much! They are trademarked – don’t even think about it.

#2 Lemon Garlic Chicken Obviously. I mean seriously.

#3 Sweet Potato Qunioa The best quick salad. With leftovers of sweet potato and qunioa Рthis goes together so quickly and is super healthy and full of protein!

#4 Beef Bourguignon/Beef Stew¬†Needed in everyone’s¬†stew repertoire. Very hearty, melt in your mouth carrots…and you need crunchy bread with it!

#5 Black Pepper and BBQ Molasses Chicken Sandwiches This is a great outdoor meal to have during the summer!

#6 Gorgonzola and Buttermilk Steak Sandwiches¬†YES! Grilled bread, sweet caramelized¬†onions, perfectly cooked steak…and GORGONZOLA! Yes, please. Right now.

#7 BLT Sandwich I could have this anytime of year. Look at those colors Рmouth-watering. and BACON!

#8 Tandoori Chicken Kabobs A fun meal to serve for guests Рquick cooking on the grill and fun to pull of the skewers.

#9 Grilled Corn Salsa Another anytime of the year recipe Рif only fresh corn was year round.

#10 Spiced Pumpkin Bread with Ginger Glaze No Comment. Just make it. You will see РI was right and this is very good.

And there you have it. On to another year of delicious food.



One Comment to “Thoughts: Top 10 Recipe Posts of 2011.”

  1. I think I missed all of these, Kat — I didn’t find you until probably September. Thanks for the summary.

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