Thoughts: Top 10 Recipe Posts of 2011.

Wow, did this year fly by.

I remember starting my blog at the beginning of the year with only a few family members following along and now I have a consistent following, that I’m so proud to call my ‘blog friends’. So thanks for stopping by. Thank you for visiting this posts over and over again.

Here is a recap of the most popular posts in 2011, here on Sensible Lessons.

Coming in at #1 Turkey Meatloaf Muffins. When I was making these I never thought so many of my blog viewers would enjoy them so much! They are trademarked – don’t even think about it.

#2 Lemon Garlic Chicken Obviously. I mean seriously.

#3 Sweet Potato Qunioa The best quick salad. With leftovers of sweet potato and qunioa – this goes together so quickly and is super healthy and full of protein!

#4 Beef Bourguignon/Beef Stew Needed in everyone’s stew repertoire. Very hearty, melt in your mouth carrots…and you need crunchy bread with it!

#5 Black Pepper and BBQ Molasses Chicken Sandwiches This is a great outdoor meal to have during the summer!

#6 Gorgonzola and Buttermilk Steak Sandwiches YES! Grilled bread, sweet caramelized onions, perfectly cooked steak…and GORGONZOLA! Yes, please. Right now.

#7 BLT Sandwich I could have this anytime of year. Look at those colors – mouth-watering. and BACON!

#8 Tandoori Chicken Kabobs A fun meal to serve for guests – quick cooking on the grill and fun to pull of the skewers.

#9 Grilled Corn Salsa Another anytime of the year recipe – if only fresh corn was year round.

#10 Spiced Pumpkin Bread with Ginger Glaze No Comment. Just make it. You will see – I was right and this is very good.

And there you have it. On to another year of delicious food.



One Comment to “Thoughts: Top 10 Recipe Posts of 2011.”

  1. I think I missed all of these, Kat — I didn’t find you until probably September. Thanks for the summary.

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