Hi. My name is Katherine and welcome to Sensible Lessons. That’s me trying to eat my Mother’s cheek or maybe her nose. But maybe I’m tired and need a nap. My Mother looks happy whatever the case may be.

I grew up in a small town in Maine. There wasn’t even a stop light on Main Street. It was that small. I have a brother that is 5 years younger than I and we are slowly becoming close friends. Slowly. We still give each other a hard time.

I learned the art of cooking from my Mom – who showed me how to be creative with food. She showed me how to garden and use fresh seasonal ingredients.

 I remember those ‘lessons’ my parents use to tell me.  At the time I thought I knew everything and they were just lecturing me, one more time. By the way you don’t know everything when you are 12. I know that much now.

I live in Colorado with my super cool, funny and supportive husband. He goes by Mr. A. We met at a party – yes, you can meet great dudes at parties. We got married in the mountains of  Colorado in October 2009. We have 1 cat, Salomon who goes by Monkey. Go figure. We will soon have a house with a white picket fence and 2.5 children- sorry, I tend to ramble. We do have a house, just not the rest of that part. I enjoy endless amounts of outdoor activities but I always find myself thinking of the next meal and what new creation will be born – yes I love food. I day-dream about what lessons I will teach my children (that we don’t have).

I created this blog as a place for me to document aspects of my life that need to be documented. Sounds simple, right?  Through the adventure of reserving my place in the wild world of the internet, I knew I had to show and tell others about what I’ve learned. About what I’ve experienced. About what I have to share. And what I am cooking up in my 8×8 kitchen.

Life Lessons. Are short and sweet lessons that I’ve learned. Some of them I’m sure I still haven’t learned completely but I hope to by the time I’m 80.  Some are funny, simple, obvious, thought provoking and sad. But I hope all are real and honest. I started collecting these a few years ago when I woke up from a dream. I dreamed that I had children and I had died before I was able to teach them all that I know for sure. Morbid? Sure, but it stuck with me. I began to write them down. In the grocery store aisle. When I couldn’t sleep. During deep conversations with friends and family. Now it is time for me to share them with you and I hope my children will someday read my collections of lessons.

Living. Thoughts. Food. Love. Inspiration. Home. Is a slice inside my life – notice the food pun- I must be thinking about food! Follow me through my adventures in living.  My experiments in the kitchen. My friendships and relationships. And all that is called home and in between. I also fill this space with guest posts on life experiences and daily thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the ride of Sensible Lessons. Stick around and come back often!



8 Comments to “About”

  1. You have a wonderful blog!

  2. Delicious! You have so much to share of yourself and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  3. I love the expanded site – it is a very nice break from the “grind” everyday. thanks, kat!

  4. you are so darling; i’ve seen this page several times, but have a free moment to read it now! I can’t wait to keep visiting the blog.

  5. So, where is that chicken pot pie recipe??? Do I need a password to get to it? 😉

  6. Hey, I put you up for the “Versatile Blogger Award”! Hope you would like to participate! Check it out:


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