Hi. My name is Katherine and welcome to Sensible Lessons. That’s me trying to eat my Mother’s cheek or maybe her nose. But maybe I’m tired and need a nap. My Mother looks happy whatever the case may be.

I grew up in a small town in Maine. There wasn’t even a stop light on Main Street. It was that small. I have a brother that is 5 years younger than I and we are slowly becoming¬†close friends. Slowly. We still give each other a hard time.

I¬†learned the art of cooking from my¬†Mom –¬†who showed me how to be creative with food. She showed me how to garden and use fresh¬†seasonal ingredients.

¬†I remember¬†those ‘lessons’ my parents use to tell me.¬† At the time I thought I knew everything and they were just lecturing me, one more time. By the way you don’t know everything when you are 12. I know that much now.

I live in Colorado with my super cool, funny and supportive husband.¬†He goes by Mr. A. We met at a party – yes, you can meet great dudes at parties. We got married in the mountains of ¬†Colorado in October 2009. We have 1 cat, Salomon who goes by Monkey.¬†Go figure. We will soon have a house with a white picket fence and 2.5 children- sorry, I tend to ramble. We do have a house, just not the rest of that part. I enjoy endless amounts of outdoor activities but I always find myself thinking of the next meal and¬†what new creation will be born – yes I love food. I day-dream about what¬†lessons I will¬†teach my children (that we don’t have).

I created this blog as a place for¬†me to¬†document aspects of my life that need to be documented. Sounds simple, right?¬†¬†Through the adventure of reserving my place in the wild world of the internet, I knew I had to show and tell others about what I’ve learned. About what I’ve experienced. About what I have to share. And what I am cooking up in my 8×8 kitchen.

Life Lessons. Are short and sweet lessons that I’ve learned. Some of them I’m sure I still haven’t learned completely¬†but I hope to by the time I’m 80.¬†¬†Some are funny,¬†simple, obvious,¬†thought provoking and sad. But I hope all are real and honest. I started collecting these a few years ago when I woke up from¬†a dream. I¬†dreamed¬†that I had children and I had died before I was able to teach them all that I know for sure. Morbid? Sure, but it stuck with me.¬†I began to write them down. In the grocery store aisle. When I couldn’t sleep. During deep conversations with friends and family. Now it is time for me to share them with you and I hope my children will someday read my collections of lessons.

Living. Thoughts. Food. Love. Inspiration. Home. Is a slice inside my life Рnotice the food pun- I must be thinking about food! Follow me through my adventures in living.  My experiments in the kitchen. My friendships and relationships. And all that is called home and in between. I also fill this space with guest posts on life experiences and daily thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the ride of Sensible Lessons. Stick around and come back often!



8 Comments to “About”

  1. You have a wonderful blog!

  2. Delicious! You have so much to share of yourself and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  3. I love the expanded site – it is a very nice break from the “grind” everyday. thanks, kat!

  4. you are so darling; i’ve seen this page several times, but have a free moment to read it now! I can’t wait to keep visiting the blog.

  5. So, where is that chicken pot pie recipe??? Do I need a password to get to it? ūüėČ

  6. Hey, I put you up for the “Versatile Blogger Award”! Hope you would like to participate! Check it out:


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