One of my favorite things about having this blog is hearing from you. You share with me your life experiences and lessons you have learned along the way. Your recipes, love stories and your daily thoughts are all so inspiring and a great way for me to connect with those that read my daily rants. All of your emails make me smile, cry, laugh but mostly feel so grateful that you have connected with little old me. Seriously, your notes make my day.

Let’s be honest, I can’t always respond to every single comment and email no matter how I would love to just sit at my laptop all day chatting with you all. During those times of silence, please envision me slaving away in my kitchen, learning one more lesson and juggling the obstacles of everyday life. I’ll try my hardest to get back with you, please know that!

Thanks so much for visiting! See you virtually very soon!


I can be reached at sensiblelessons [at] gmail [dot] com

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