Hire Me!

Do you find yourself going to the grocery store and feeling overwhelmed by everything that is on the shelves?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone working in your kitchen, providing delicious and time-saving family friendly meals?

Do you live in Colorado?

A personal chef is the stress-free answer to your family’s grocery shopping and cooking needs.  Let White Sparrow Food Company do all the menu planning, shopping and cooking for you! Our meals are fresh, natural, healthy, low-fat and delicious.

Chef Kat loves working with her clients to create a customized menu that makes everyone at your dining table happy.

“You are our savior!  Two full-time working parents (one who travels a lot, me!), and I can’t deal with looking at the clock at 6:30pm and wondering what we are going to have for dinner!  Healthy and delicious. Thanks!”

A personal chef is someone who cooks in your kitchen and prepares custom meals for you and your family and friends.

We eliminate the stress and allow you to gather around the table and enjoy healthy food without cooking it yourself. You are able to spend quality time with your family and friends that you didn’t have the time to before. People hire us because they want to eat healthier and enjoy the food, rather than worrying about the shopping and preparation of the meals. By using the freshest ingredients we are able to give our clients exactly want they have been dreaming of. 

During our personal consultation with you, we customize menus, discuss favorite foods and any nutritional goals you may have. Chef Kat personally shops for the finest and freshest ingredients at local farmers markets and local organic grocers to create delicious organic meals for you.

You will be asking yourself, ‘why didn’t I hire a personal chef before?’ Living without us will be hard.

Please check out our website for more information along with contact information. www.whitesparrowfoodco.com


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