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December 29, 2011

Thoughts: Christmas re-visited via my Iphone.

We were in Washington over the holiday. Lots of family, baked goods, piles of presents, laughs, baked goods and more baked goods..and some chocolate thrown in too!

Any time spent at the airport is made better by some of this. What is not to love about chunks of chocolate in creamy mint ice cream! Plus, starting off any holiday with a bowl of this in your stomach, is always good.

No Christmas Eve is complete without visiting your local Target and cruising down the breast pump aisle. Michele couldn’t be more excited to tell us all the details about these pumps. Good Luck, Maureen (don’t hate me for posting this photo)!!

Christmas after all is about children. We had a great time with our nieces and nephews. They are waving at their Grandmother before the frenzy of present opening begins.

This is the best picture taken from our entire 5 days there. Our niece, Catherine licking the dessert bowl clean. I die everytime I look at this.

Mr. A helping the ladies ‘make’ cinnamon rolls. Ignore the package that they came in, Folks.

Visiting the Pacific Ocean is always a must. Deception Pass was gorgeous, even with cloudy skies.

View from our picnic lunch.

A visit to Washington State isn’t complete without ending at Pikes Market.

What is not to love about fresh tulips?!?!! Spring has sprung…at least at this market stand.

For lunch, Uli’s Sausages.

My traditional German Bratwurst.

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